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2014-2015  Officers

Marti Dyer
President Elect

Kris DeHahn
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Paul Dunbar

Community Service

The Lafayette Exchange Club serves the local community in many ways, including:

Freedom Shrines in Schools
Our nation was built upon the principle of freedom.  Freedom is the birthright of every American citizen. Yet all too often Americans take these rights and privileges for granted.  A Freedom Shrine is a collection of 28 original historic American documents photographically reproduced and attractively displayed in thousands of locations throughout the United States. Developed by the National Exchange Club, the Freedom Shrine originated from the Freedom Train that toured the nation in 1947 carrying an exhibit of historic documents.  Today, Freedom Shrines consist of framed photographic reproductions of the following 28 documents:

The Mayflower Compact The Emancipation Proclamation
The Declaration of Independence The Gettysburg Address
Benjamin Franklin's Epitaph Lincoln's Second Inaugural Address
Patrick Henry's Instructions to George Rogers Clark Lee's Letter Accepting Washington College Presidency
Washington's Letter to Colonel Nicola The Thirteenth Amendment
The Treaty of Paris, 1783 Theodore Roosevelt's Letter on Cuba
The Northwest Ordinance Wilson's First Inaugural Address, 1913
The Constitution of the United States The Nineteenth Amendment
Washington's First Inaugural Address Franklin D. Roosevelt's "Four Freedoms" Address
The Bill of Rights Letter naming Eisenhower Supreme Commander
Washington's Farwell Address General McAuliffe's "Christmas Message"
Jefferson's First Inaugural Address The German Instrument of Surrender, WW II
The Star-Spangled Banner Instrument of Surrender in the Pacific, WW II
The Monroe Doctrine Kennedy's Inaugural Address

Freedom Shrines have now been dedicated at: Burnett Creek Elementary, Central Catholic High, Covington Middle School, Delphi High School, Earhart Elementary, East Tipp High, Edgelea Elementary, Glen Acres, Harrison High, Home Hospital, Jefferson High, Kingston Junior High, Klondike Elementary, Klondike Junior High, Klondike High, Lafayette Home Hospital, McCutcheon High, Miami Elementary, Miller Elementary, Oakland Elementary, Purdue University Armory, St. Elizabeth Hospital, Southwestern Middle School, Southwestern High, Starnes Elementary (KY), Sunnyside Junior High, Tecumseh Junior High, Tippecanoe County Courthouse, Tippecanoe County Library, Tippecanoe Junior High, Tri County High, Vinton Elementary, Wainwright Junior High, Wea Ridge Elementary, West Lafayette High, and Vinton Elementary.

 The Wea Ridge Elementary School Freedom Shrine dedication on May 10, 2001 typifies the ceremony:

Tony Anderson and Katie Schaffer joined Horace Paarlberg at the dedication of the Wea Freedom Shrine.  Horace said club members hope it reminds citizens of the courage, dedication and sacrifice of their forefathers and helps people learn how precious our liberties are, and how important it is to make certain that our nation's freedom is preserved.  Other club members present were Jack Otten, Jim Grubb, Ed Combs, John Georgeoff, and Harold Trout.

Breakfast at Lafayette's Feast of the Hunter's Moon
Serving pancake breakfasts at Lafayette's annual September gala celebrating pioneer times and the fur traders who used the Wabash River has been a major Club fund raiser.