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Develop Personal and Business Leadership Skills
Serve your Community
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2014-2015  Officers

Marti Dyer
President Elect

Kris DeHahn
Lola Huggins
Immediate Past President
Paul Dunbar

Youth of the Month and Year

Initiated by this club in 1977, this award honors outstanding students in the community who have exhibited excellence in academics and leadership. Five times per year, a student is chosen by one of the county's five high schools: Central Catholic, Harrison, Jefferson, McCutcheon, and West Lafayette.  Any young person demonstrating excellence in leadership, community service and academics is eligible for the award. An essay and point system based on participation, good sportsmanship, good citizenship, attendance, academics, etc., are used to select winners.  Selection is based on a candidateís well-rounded qualifications, not solely on one particular outstanding achievement.

The program not only enhances career opportunities for those honored, it promotes good citizenship, a desire for greater scholastic achievement, and the development of well-rounded personalities to other young adults in the community. The projectís human interest appeal generates community-wide attention and media coverage.  The award provides the recipient $100 and a certificate of honor for his or her family, friends and classmates.

Annually, one of the five awardees is selected by the Club to receive a $750 scholarship and to have their application forwarded to the District for a $1,000 scholarship competition.  Should the student win the District Exchange Scholarship they will be entered in the $10,000 National Exchange Club scholarship quest.

2013 Awards:

Youth-of-the-Month winners from the area High Schools were:
   Carlise Cramer, McCutcheon
   Kate Halliwell, Jefferson
   Courtney Scott, Oakland
   Brianna Tharp, Central Catholic

Kate Halliwell was honored June 5th as the 2013 Youth-of-the-Year. Kate participated in volleyball, Varsity Singers and English Academic. She was Asst. Program Director of the radio station and Editor of the student newspaper, The Booster, which was honored as one of 5 Best Student Newspapers in the U.S. She performed 20 hours of community service and plans to study Journalism at Indiana University.  She was also a member of Jeff's Academic Super Bowl teams.