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Paul Dunbar

Book of Golden Deeds

Initiated in November, 1942, this project annually recognizes dedicated volunteers who give endless hours of their time and talents toward bettering the community.  The first awards were given to four young persons under 8 years of age.

Volunteerism is important to our society and should not go unnoticed. Honoring a fellow citizen with citation into the Book of Golden Deeds is an inspiring and rewarding activity exemplifying Exchange beliefs.  It provides visibility for deserving individuals and encourages similar behavior by others. The recipient need not be a person of great wealth or prestige but someone who is sincere about helping the community with an exceptional record of continued unselfish giving and enjoys volunteering to help others. The recipient can be from any profession or organization--someone who deserves acclaim but rarely receives it. The award can also be given to a group of individuals such as civic groups, sororities/fraternities and other charitable organizations.

Book of Golden Deeds Awardees

Year Recipient Year Recipient
1942 Marjorie Bass
James Ash
Delores Naville
Imogene Doyle
1943 Sanford Weaver
H. Edwin O'Neal
Roberta Connolly
Donna Barton
1944   1945  
1946   1947  
1948   1949  
1950   1951 Bert & June Loeb
1952 Mary Kathryn Stump 1953 Gladys Townsend
1954   1955 Dr. C. H. Ade
1956   1957  
1958   1959 Russell F. Davis
1960 Dr. Harry Klepinger 1961 J. Kirby Risk
1962 Jacob W. Link 1963  
1964   1965 Mrs. Peter Hanstra
1966 Louis & Maxine Alt 1967 Earl Richardson
1968 Mrs. George P. Salen 1969 Violet Road
1970 J. J. McTague 1971 Roscoe H. George
1972 Alameda C. McCollough 1973 Rev. Henry C. Stolldorf
1974 Luann & Ray Spencer 1975 Sylvia Katter
1976 Alice Wright 1977 Pedro F. Castillo
1978 Agnes Bass 1979 Bernice Baugh
1980 Gertrude Stitz 1981 Rex Bowman
1982 Dorothy Taylor 1983 Annie Laurie Parkhurst
1984 Mary K. Schmidt 1985 Gwen H. Daniel
1986 Harold W. Beaman 1987 Rosina O'Meara
1988 Emmet Koehler 1989 Helen Lillich
1990 Cecil F. Warner 1991 Robert H. Lee
1992 Carolyn Featherston
William J. Kay
1993 Bob L. Gilbert
1994 Karen Hodgin Cross 1995 Robert M. Whitsel
1996 Harry E. Bradway 1997 Charlotte Parker
1998 Harry E Shedrow 1999 Susan Prohofsky
2000 Thrift Clothes Shop, FUMC 2001 Larry and Fay Blunt
2002 Jack Otten 2003 Dr. Wendell A. Riggs
2004 Judy Johnson 2005 Ken Weller
2006 Robert C. Kriebel 2007 Richard L. Jaeger
2008 Dr. Jack L. Kelley 2009 Mindy Gilbert
Donna Osborn
2010 Patti Frist 2011 Pauline V. Shen
2012 Kristina DeHahn 2014 Garrett Zambrows