What can Exchange do for you ?

Develop Personal and Business Leadership Skills
Serve your Community
Help Prevent Child Abuse

2014-2015  Officers

Marti Dyer
President Elect

Kris DeHahn
Lola Huggins
Immediate Past President
Paul Dunbar

Programs of Service

The Club's over-arching focus is on preventing child abuse; specific programs are initiated based on their contribution to this mission.  Remember, when you see the blue ribbon pin displayed in April, Child Abuse Prevention Month:


      It Shouldn't Hurt to be a Child!


Specific programs of service to the area include:

Community Service Projects
Give a Kid a Flag
Healing Fields
Award Programs:
The Club sponsors numerous awards each year.  They especially target persons who have improved children's lives.  These awards provide recognition and visibility to recipients for their community service.  Annual awards include:

Book of Golden Deeds
Youth of the Month and Year

In general, the Lafayette Exchange Club Foundation finances our programs.  Its endowment and individuals' gifts magnify our impact in the community and District.  We welcome your support for any program(s) consistent with your beliefs; you need not be an Exchangite expand the scope of that program(s).  Make checks payable to Exchange Club of Lafayette Foundation with the program(s) you desire to support identified on the memo-line; mail to Lafayette Exchange Club, 409 Club Lane, Lafayette IN 47905.