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EXCHANGE CLUB of Lafayette, Indiana
Charter: January 18, 1926      Club Number 1489
MEETINGS: WEDNESDAY 12:00 pm - 1:00 pm at various locations
1 yr) Verle Chappell, Rex Bowman, Hoey Paarlberg
Barry Richard, Paul Dunbar (Foundation Rep.)

President – Elect


Past President

Nov. 14, 2017                                                                           Editor: Larry Huggins

Yes, the date is correct!  Immediately following Rex’s beautiful Tuesday funeral services at First Baptist Church, Kris, Larry, Lola, Marti, and Mike were hosted by Richard and Juanita to a fine lunch with great fellowship at Aster Place.

Business: Larry reported what was learned when he and Lola met with Candy Silvers at the Community Foundation of Greater Lafayette.  In summary: 1) this year’s 50% match program is available only for pre-approved agencies with established CF-endowments (thus, Exchange would be eligible if we established a new endowed fund after the Nov. 28 start date); 2) matching monies are available only for contributions made by individuals, not by organizations such as Exchange.  The bottom line: there is no need for quick action.

Future planned activities include:

1.     Materials for Freedom Wall exhibit at the Beck Lane B&G Club have arrived.  A date for dedication will be announced after those items have been permanently mounted.

2.     As announced in the June 21 Horntooter, our Salvation Army bell ringing service project will be Nov. 25 inside at the Tippecanoe Mall in front of Kohls.  Current participation commitments include 1-hr slots for Paul & Khloe at 10 AM, Larry & Lola at 11 AM, Chuck at Noon, Mike at 1 PM, Marti at 2 PM, and Verle at 3 PM.  If anyone else desires to participate, we will schedule a later slot(s).  If you cannot now make your earlier commitment, please find a substitute.

3.     The annual Christmas Party for members and significant others as well as spouses of former members is now planned for Nov. 29 at Westminster’s Pub beginning at 4:30 PM.  The traditional white elephant gift exchange will again occur.

Current:  11
Exchange is a group of
    men and women working
    to make America a better
    place to live through one
national project,
    Prevention of Child
    Abuse, and other service

Future Meetings
Nov. 25 – Ring Bells for Salvation Army
Nov. 29 – Christmas Party: 4:30 PM @ Westminster Pub

Exchange * America's Service Club