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EXCHANGE CLUB of Lafayette, Indiana
Charter: January 18, 1926      Club Number 1489
MEETINGS: WEDNESDAY 12:00 pm - 1:00 pm at various locations
1 yr) Verle Chappell, Rex Bowman, Hoey Paarlberg
Barry Richard, Paul Dunbar (Foundation Rep.)

President – Elect


Past President

May 31, 2017                                                                   Editor: Larry Huggins

Chuck, Debbie, Kris, Larry, Lola, Marti, Mike, Reta and Verle met at the Downtoner in Market Square.  Reta reported progress on both her recent hand surgery and Rex’s goal to return home from Creasy Springs.

In case you haven’t seen Exchange’s flags displayed along the Spring Vale Cemetery on both sides of IN 25, it is highly recommended (don’t know how soon the cemetery staff will take them down).  The editor’s photo below doesn’t do justice to the scene.

A question was raised about details concerning our quarterly dues; they are:
    National: $24.50
    Local:      $12.75

For the benefit of those unable to make the recent District Annual Meeting, Kris reported our club received two of the annual awards: best project (our support for the Boys & Girls Club at Beck Lane) and best web site.

A reminder: we are still using “roving” locations.  It is essential that you monitor the Horntooter or our web site calendar to know where future meetings will occur.

June 7 – MCL in W. Lafayette @ 11:30 AM

June 14 – TBA

Current:  12
Exchange is a group of
    men and women working
    to make America a better
    place to live through one
national project,
    Prevention of Child
    Abuse, and other service

Future Programs
June 7 — MCL in W. Lafayette @ 11:30 AM
June 14 — TBA

Exchange * America's Service Club