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EXCHANGE CLUB of Lafayette, Indiana
Charter: January 18, 1926      Club Number 1489
MEETINGS: WEDNESDAY 12:00 pm - 1:00 pm at various locations
1 yr) Verle Chappell, Rex Bowman, Hoey Paarlberg
Barry Richard, Paul Dunbar (Foundation Rep.)

President – Elect


Past President

Feb. 22, 2017                                                                           Editor: Larry Huggins

Mike again generously hosted five additional members: Larry, Lola, Marti, Paul and Verle, to University Place’s excellent food.  The usual good conversation was unfortunately somewhat dampened by updates regarding the recent double murder tragedy of two Delphi teenage girls along one of its Historic Trails.

A reminder; now that we are using “roving” locations it is essential that you monitor the Horntooter or our web site calendar to know where future meetings will occur.

Mar. 1 MEETING: at Aster Place w/Richard Schurr, 741 Park E. Blvd, Lafayette.  In case you’re not familiar with that facility, it’s about 3 blocks south of the Rt. 26 Wal-Mart.  Since Richard will need the approximate attendance, everyone will be contacted early next week to determine your expectation.

Mar. 8 MEETING: at Lola’s Westminster Village cottage, 2749 Westminster Ct., W. Lafayette

Current:  12
Exchange is a group of
    men and women working
    to make America a better
    place to live through one
national project,
    Prevention of Child
    Abuse, and other service

Future Programs
Mar. 1, 2017 — Aster Place
Mar. 9, 2017 — Lola’s Westminster Village cottage

Exchange * America's Service Club