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EXCHANGE CLUB of Lafayette, Indiana
Charter: January 18, 1926      Club Number 1489
MEETINGS: WEDNESDAY 12:00 pm - 1:00 pm at various locations
1 yr) Verle Chappell, Rex Bowman, Hoey Paarlberg
Barry Richard, Paul Dunbar (Foundation Rep.)

President – Elect


Past President

Feb. 8, 2017                                                                     Editor: Larry Huggins

Welcome to the first Horntooter issue for 2017!  This week’s meeting was actually the second one this year (the other was January 25 with only 4 members present), but a combination of member family illnesses, travel schedules, and weather resulted in either cancellations or minimal attendance.  Since the editor was in FL at that time, no Horntooter was produced.

We enjoyed, once again, Mike’s generous hospitality with lunch at University Place.  Three topics constituted the business portion of our meeting: planning for this spring’s Youth of the Year plus ACE presentations, a request from National to be the club sponsor of a new Noblesville Club (cost $550), and discussion about the most appropriate meeting location.

A date(s) for YOY/ACE was deferred until more was known about ACE application deadlines.

There was a consensus that it was preferable to utilize funding for a project closer to home than to sponsor a new club at a remote location.

It was conceded that the primary goal for relocating our weekly meeting to Spurlock’s, namely to encourage additional membership by downtown employees, had not achieved that goal and was showing no signs of doing so; thus, we decided to utilize “roving” locations that could make it more convenient for members having difficulty participating at Spurlock’sTherefore, it is essential that you monitor the Horntooter or our web site calendar to know where and when future meetings will occur.

NEXT MEETING: Feb. 15 at The Pub at Westminster Village, West Lafayette

Feb. 22 MEETING: To Be Announced

Mar. 1 MEETING: at Aster Place, 741 Park E. Blvd, Lafayette

Current:  12
Exchange is a group of
    men and women working
    to make America a better
    place to live through one
national project,
    Prevention of Child
    Abuse, and other service

Future Programs
Feb. 15The Pub at Westminster Village, W.Laf.
Feb. 22 — TBA
Mar. 1 — Aster Place, 2741 Park E. Blvd., Laf.

Exchange * America's Service Club