What can Exchange do for you ?

Develop Personal and Business Leadership Skills
Serve your Community
Help Prevent Child Abuse

2014-2015  Officers

Marti Dyer
President Elect

Kris DeHahn
Lola Huggins
Immediate Past President
Paul Dunbar


This Exchange Club, #1489, was chartered January 18, 1926 with founding officers: Roy Street, president; the Rev. Robert Knight, secretary; and John Wilson, treasurer.  Historical details may be found in three documents: the annotated List of Charter Members, the program for the 65th Anniversary Celebration, and the program for the 70th Anniversary Celebration with an updated history.  The cake for the 75th Anniversary in 2001 was provided by Richard Road, age 93, in celebration of his 58 years as an Exchangite, shown on the left being thanked by Club President Harold Trout.

Past Club Officers are documented here.

The Exchange Club of Lafayette Foundation was authorized May 24, 1989 by the Board with a policies and procedures document that was accepted by membership vote August 23.  The Foundation received IRS approval as a 501c-3 organization December 15, 1989.